Seasonal Food

Why eat seasonal food?

Seasonal foods typically have better texture, flavor, and color than those out of season.

Nutritionally, studies have found that plants specifically, such as broccoli, that are grown and harvested in season, actually produce more antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties than those grown out of season. Although this is not the case for every edible plant, it does apply to many.

Seasonal produce is better for the environment because it doesn’t need as much human intervention, such as pesticides and fertilizers, to help it grow, and it’s typically produced locally, which reduces the carbon footprint.

Foods that are grown and harvested in season also tend to be less expensive. When supply is up, prices are down. This is a perfect example of supply and demand and one great tip to remember to help you save money, especially when buying organic foods.

3 Ways to Align Yourself with the Seasons

1. Shop at your local farmer’s market

By walking around your local farmer’s market, you will inevitably start to notice what’s in season without having to look too far. The farmers bring their current crops and bounty to the market, often displaying what they have harvested that week or even that day. Find your local farmer’s market.

2. Subscribe to your local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

CSA is a subscription-based service that connects you directly to your local farmers who supply a weekly or bi-monthly box of seasonal produce and other farm goods like eggs, meat, milk, etc. By subscribing to a local CSA, you are committing to living more intentionally by aligning with the seasons while also supporting your local economy and community. Find your local CSA.

3. Use a seasonal food guide

Learn how to shop and cook for seasonal foods by using a seasonal food guide. Find a chart or illustration that speaks to you and keep a copy on your refrigerator or frame it and display it like a piece of art (like this!). You can also use an electronic version or download an app for your phone (I like this one).